Embellish Your Photos

Since photos are the focus of most of our layouts, we should be having some fun with them. It is fun to not just put the photos onto the layout, but to also add embellishments and others elements to the photos.

You can do anything to the surface of a photo that you can do to your paper. Here are a few fun ideas to try out on your photos.

Add a Rub-on. Rub-ons are a fast and easy way to add and accent to a page. You could also add a meaningful rub-on word along the edge of a photo or you could use several rub-on words to create a frame around the edge of the photo. You could also use a rub-on shape to frame something special in the photo. I really like to use scroll style rub-ons right on the photo as a photo corner or decorative edge.

Write on Your Photos. Grab a gel pen and write directly onto your photo. You could draw arrows to draw attention to something specific in the photo, circle something to make a frame or even journal right on the photo.

Stick some stickers to your photos. Adding stickers to your photos is such a fun and fast way to add interest to you page. You could use several stickers to create border along the edge of your page and overlap the stickers onto your photos. You can also place the stickers across the edge of a couple of photos to bring the photos together.

Layer flowers, foam or felt shapes onto your photos. All three of these materials have become more popular lately. Try using some of these materials to create photo frames and even just photo corners. I am sure that you will have fun playing with these materials.

You do not have to keep your photos clear from all of the other elements of the page. Try overlapping embellishments onto photos and I’m sure that you will love the results.

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