Embellishments: Using Brads

I’ve found myself using brads a lot lately. I love to use them to secure items to my pages.

Using brads in your layouts can be lots of fun. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, as well as almost every color of the rainbow. While I prefer the plain circle brads, I have also come across some really cool ones. There are some that are shaped like flowers, hearts and lots more.

Bazzill’s new Really Big Brads are cute with their little white polka dots and come in several different colors. It makes them perfect for many different and creative uses.

There are so many unique ways to incorporate brads into your layouts. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Use them to secure photos to your layout.
  • They make great corners on a photo mat.
  • They make great dots on I’s, and J’s for lettering.
  • Use them for the center of a flower.
  • Since vellum is see-through and it’s hard to keep adhesive invisible, use brads to secure the vellum on your page.
  • Use them in the hole of tag on your layout to add some color and texture.
  • Use them with wire, fiber or ribbon by wrapping the wire around the brad to secure something to your page.
  • Brads make great “hangers” – like a picture on the wall, you can hang tags or photos from the brads.
  • Attaching a handle to a basket is easy when you use a brad. It allows the illusion of movement.
  • If you enjoy paper piecing, you can use them as fasteners for the joints and make them moveable.
  • Use them to accent your page, or journaling boxes.
  • You can place them in the center of your title lettering as an accent.
  • If you use really tiny brads you can use them to spell out words or a letter.
  • Use them to showcase a special photo by completely outlining the photo in brads.
  • Brads make perfect eyes. They are perfect circles.
  • Also really cute as snowman’s buttons. Or “two eyes made out of coal”.
  • Use them to make bullet points for a list of words or things.
  • Cute ornaments on a Christmas tree.