Embrace Those Weird Photos

Sometimes it seems that we only scrapbook the precious photos. The ones that scream, “My baby is beautiful!” or, “I have the perfect family!” But, I say, embrace the abnormal and scrap those photos that show the imperfect moments too. I have found in my scrapbooking that those layouts end up being some of my favorites. After all, life isn’t all smiles and giggles is it?

Here are a few examples of photos that are a little out of the norm that I have scrapped:

My son crying in his baby blessing outfit. I love this photo. If we only took pictures of our babies smiling, maybe we would only look back at their childhoods as being perfect and think, “why did I stress out all the time?” But, photos where they are crying will remind us of a little reality. We’ll remember those baby days fondly, but maybe, we’ll also be glad that they’re over! I titled this particular layout, “Not Happy.”

Another layout I did was when my son was a newborn. I was trying so hard to get this great photo of my daughter holding my son and be able to pass it out to all my friends, but what I got was something I treasure even more. In taking those photos, my son got a little impatient (probably because his 2 and a half year old sister was holding him) and he was screaming his head off! My daughter, was laughing hysterically at the same time. Every time I see this photo, I think, Why was I putting them through that? It makes me laugh. I titled the page, “U Crack. Me. Up.”

What about a scrapbook page of your child doing something bad? Have you ever thought to pull out your camera when you are the most mad? It helps you get over that anger in that moment, and embrace the reality of motherhood. I have several such photos. I have ones of my daughter eating cheerios off the floor that she pulled out of the diaper bag and threw all over the room. It was titled, “Uh Oh, My Cheerios”. It left room for a lot of great journaling about all the mischievous things she did as a baby.

Life is not perfect, so your scrapbooking photos don’t have to be either. So, before you throw out the “bad” ones, think about scrapping them!

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