Emotional Effects on a Marriage

In my previous article I discussed the effect that materialistic items can play on a marriage. While we all know that love is much more important than anything that can be bought, our world does tend to be very “material” oriented.

Lacking the ability to purchase items and live the lifestyle that we wish to live can cause couples much stress. The finical bind that purchases can put on a marriage can cause added stress also.

In addition to the material effects on a marriage, there are also emotional effects. Emotions play a huge par t in how we respond and feel about ideas, other people, and our own self worth.

Some great people get divorces. It is not that either had an affair or was a bad partner. The divorce came from a lack of emotional bond. Just because the person is a good person or nice looking does not mean that we will have emotional feelings for him or her. There must be some type of connection made in order to make a marriage last.

While the emotional well being and connection between the couple is important so is the emotional stability of each individual. When one of the partners feels down on him or herself, the relationship may suffer.

In some cases, the other partner creates this feeling of lack of self worth. During these marriages, one partner continuously puts the other down. They find negative things to say about the other. We typically label this as emotional or mental abuse.

Most individuals cannot tolerate this type of abuse forever. They eventually are broken down and feel so bad about themselves that they resort to leaving, counseling, or even worse self harm.

The emotional mood and well being of marriage can greatly contribute to the success of the marriage and the happiness of the two people who are in it.

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