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Now that summer is coming to an end, it’s time to go through all of the masterpieces your mini Picasso made for you in the last three months. Whether she crafted them at sleepaway camp or during an afternoon workshop, you’ll want to preserve the special works of art.

Scrapbooks are ideal vehicles to show off your child’s precious artwork and the end of summer is one of the best times to craft a memory album. The weeks before kids head back to school is perfect for sorting through what’s worth keeping and displaying and what is really better off being recycled. You want to get this done now, before your daughter comes back from preschool with daily additions to your refrigerator door.

The challenging part to combing through your kid’s creative pieces is deciding which stays and which gets tossed. When a preschooler comes home enthusiastically waving a blank piece of paper, save for three crayon marks and a strip of glitter, you might be tempted to hold on to it for life.

Unfortunately, most parents don’t have the space to store near daily stacks of creative genius. If you are planning to preserve your child’s stunning artwork in a scrapbook, be sure that the materials she used to craft won’t compromise photos or other mementoes you plan to feature on the page. Acid-free and lignin-free materials are a must.

If you are tech-savvy you could also opt to document your child’s handmade treasures and place the photos in a scrapbook. ArtKive is an amazing iOs app that allows you to photograph your child’s artwork and later feature the images in a scrapbook layout. What makes this app so incredible is that it gives you the freedom to create different profiles for different kids to keep their masterpieces separate. Don’t worry; you can still tag and organize the artwork by date or your child’s grade with easy-to-use dropdown menus. It’s not hard, plus it keeps your child’s artwork at your fingertips.

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