End of the year homeschool reports

It is almost that time! Depending on where you live, and what stage your homeschooler is in, it is very likely that you need to summarize your homeschoolers year.

Personally, I need to compile my son’s year in an effort to get his college entry portfolio started. I am also required to write a report for my own records for both kids, so this is what I will do. In other states, you may actually need to mail a report to the school district.

For my personal needs, I keep my kids end year report pretty simple. I list the books they used in each class. For classes taken outside the home, I add a copy of the syllabus. I also list grades given by tutors, and buy myself. Standardized test scores (if taken that year) are placed in the front of the year end report.

For those who need more structure in writing your year end homeschool reports, here are some templates and websites you can use.

This website has a simple summary page you can sue to write about the students progress, you can adapt it to your needs.

Home School Clerk
has homeschool reporting software you can purchase.

New york is one of the most difficult states to report in. Homeschoolnyc.com has forms you can use to make reporting easier.

Donna Young.org
has planner that you can use all year, which will make summarizing the year easier.

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