End of the Year Ideas for Teachers

This time of year, many teachers and school staff members are planning special programs for the students and their parents. Many teachers have a special end of the year memoir for their students. This article is directed more toward those teachers or the room moms that help those teachers. In this article, I would like to share some ideas that I have seen or used in the past. Some ideas will require pictures from the entire year. If you do not have pictures this year, remember to start making lots of pictures next school year!

Month Picture Book
Create a picture book displaying a photo from each month of school. Write a short passage about a main activity that month. You can use whole or half pages of paper. Colored paper looks great. Use design scissors to cut around the pictures, glue the photo in the middle of the page, and place the passage above or below. Bind the pages together.

Picture CD
As you make pictures throughout the school year, save them to a special folder in your computer. Create one folder for the entire class, or if you really have time and energy, create a folder for each child. Burn the pictures along with music on a CD for parents. Technology is today’s world. Most parents have a computer to view the photos.

Student Thoughts Journal Book
Older students, first grade and up, can create a memory journal of their year. Run-off questionnaire sheets for the students to complete. Some sheets that I have seen say things such as:
This is me (picture of child). I attended —– school. My teacher was —-. My best friends were —-. I liked—-best about school. I liked —- the worst about school. My favorite subject was —-. My favorite school lunch was —-. My favorite activity at school was —-.

PowerPoint Presentations
If you are having a graduation or awards day, PowerPoint presentations with appropriate music and pictures of the children are a great hit with parents.

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