End of Year Gift Giving

Many teachers grow a strong attachment to their students. Many teachers also take many pictures and make scrapbooks of their teaching career.

At the end of the year it is sort of a tradition for there to be a good-bye gift exchanged between the teacher and the students. Some teachers and some students do not take part in this tradition. However many do.

Some classes take up money and give the teacher one gift. Others give individual gifts.

Most parents and students like to give a gift that has sentimental value. They choose homemade gifts or personal cards, or poems and sayings about teachers.

Likewise teachers also like to give students and parents gifts with emotional value. Some teachers give pictures of the children. Others give poems and goody bags.

While giving gifts at the end of the year is not necessary, expected, or required by either the students or the teachers, it is a nice gesture on both parts.

If your family or child has grown particularly close to a certain teacher or you feel that the teacher has done a great job educating your child, this is the perfect way to thank him or her.

Even if the gift is as simple as a thank-you card with a hand written message, the thought will mean a lot to the teacher.

This year as the school year comes to a close, think about how much your child’s teacher has done for you and your child. Sit down and write him or her a personal note or pick up a small gift to show your gratefulness.

If you are a teacher, consider giving your students a memory treasure that they can keep and reflect upon for years to come. I think that one special way of remembering the school year is by taking pictures of you with each child. Send the pictures home so that the children can have a keepsake of a special year in school with a special teacher.

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