End Your Homeschooling Journey at Disney World!

This is one of those announcements that makes your eyes light up and your mouth drop open. Your homeschooler can now participate in a National Homeschool Graduation at Disney World!

The date of this first homeschool graduation is May 9, 2010. This give you plenty of time to schedule a trip to Disney World. As my kids are set to graduate in 2012 and 2013, you had better believe that this is on my list of things to do! I will definately start planning now!

To participate in the National Homeschool Graduation, you will need to:

1. Purchase your tickets for the Graduation and your Disney Vacation.

2. Have a personal converstion with the organizers after they receive your payment.

3. Plan a personal tribute for your graduate to be included in the program. They will help you prepare this as well as your personalized diploma.

4. Wait for everything to be finalized on March 1. Until this point, all is refundable. At this point, you can book your air or car travel.

The graduation will include a full graduate processional, and a dance. Breakfasts, Option to stay at a Disney resort, and the experience of sharing the experience with homeschoolers from across the country.

It seems the organizers, are reserving the right to cancel if they don’t have at least 10 participants. I seriously doubt they will have any trouble coming up with even 25 or more graduates that would like to finish their homeschool journey.

This great homeschool graduation idea is apparently the brainchild of a homeschooling family who also owns a travel agency. They have been organizing the Ultimate Homeschool Field Trip for several years now where over 1700 homeschoolers have participated.

You will of course be free to schedule extra days in Florida before and/or after the graduation dates to have a vacation for your whole family to enjoy.

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