Endure to the End

In the scriptures we can read about the importance of enduring to the end. One example of this is in Doctrine and Covenants 14:7: “And, if you keep my commandments, and endure to the end you shall have eternal life, which gift is the greatest of all the gifts of God.” Similarly in Matthew 24:13 it says “But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.” So what does it mean to endure to the end?

When I think of enduring something, I think of putting up with something unpleasant or just hanging on until it ends. Endurance in this light is not quite what I think the scriptures mean. It is important that we remain true to our convictions and to continue forward through our trials. It is also important that we continue to grow and develop.

Article of Faith 1:13 says that “…we have endured many things and hope to be able to endure all things…” The footnote on endure suggests that we study perseverance and steadfastness. While having nearly the same meaning these words seem to talk more about the attitude that we should have while we endure the challenges that life will bring to us.

Perseverance to me is more of an action word. We make the most of the situations that we have and we learn from them. We are able to grow through our trials and this strengthens our testimonies. We press forward in our trials, and keep building up our faith. Similarly steadfastness means to me that you stand firm in the face of trial, and that you are willing to stand up for the things that your believe in. In fact these beliefs will guide your life.

To endure as it is suggested in the scriptures is more than just waiting something out. It means that we need to stay strong in our faith and convictions. We need to live the way that we know is right, so that we can continue to reap the blessings of the gospel. As we live righteously, and continue to nourish our testimonies through scripture study and prayer, we will be given the strength to endure and to grow in faith.

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