Engagement Stats

I have addressed weddings in many of my previous articles. I have discussed anything from music to flowers to location. This article will take a little different twist. Here I have dug up a little research and discovered some very surprising, and not so surprising, wedding statistics. I think that you will enjoy them as much as I have.

I will begin with the “before” stage. The engagement. When you first begin planning your marriage and your wedding. It has been found that American couples typically stay engaged for about sixteen months before getting married.

During this period you begin to think about your life together. You realize that there are many things that you need and that you do not have. Therefore you begin to buy.

Statistics show that engaged couples will spend the majority of money on furniture, house wares, and tablewares. American couples spend about $4 billion, $3 billion, and $400 billion, consecutively on these items.

I was not surprised about the items purchased. However, I did think that more money would be spent on furniture. Yet considering how expensive fine chine and silverware are, I suppose the bulk of money goes there.

In a couple of previous articles, I discussed wedding planners. In my statistic research I found that approximately one third of the engaged couples will seek some type of wedding consultant when planning their weddings.

The average age for women and first time marriages is 25. The average age at which men have their first time marriage is 27 to 28 years old.

While I mentioned earlier that the average length of engagement is sixteen months, the average bride spends about seven months to one year actually planning the wedding. I assume this does not take into account the details that you have been planning for years.