Enjoying Life Together

Sometimes we overlook how important it is to enjoy spending time together in a marriage. It doesn’t matter what you do so long as you are with the one you love.

Yesterday Mick felt a need to get out of the house for a while just for a change of scenery. Because he’s still feeling worn out and lethargic that meant I’d do all the driving. We weren’t planning a strenuous day, just going out for a drive in the countryside. It was more about being together somewhere out of the house.

We went up the coast firstly and stopped off briefly before turning inland and climbing up the winding road to the Southern Highlands. When we saw a village or town that looked interesting we stopped for a browse around or a cup of coffee.

Mick was always thankful to get back in the car, despite the beautiful warm sunshine. We enjoyed looking at garden beds of tulips, though I did wonder about why with all the vibrant colors of tulips someone would plant two whole beds full of white ones.

Being gluten free, eating lunch out is not as easy as it sounds, but we finally found lunch out at a little home cooking type cafe in a historic building in a small village.

It was a day of not doing much but just being together out of the house. A change of scenery, as we chatted and reminisced and looked toward days to come. It’s hard seeing my darling so energy less and struggling, but the break did us both good.

Mick suggested we pick up take away for tea, since he knew I wouldn’t feel like cooking after being out for the day. So we did and settled down in front of a DVD, before an early night.

All the driving made me tired and my eyes sore. Mick was just tired because that is a lingering effect of the virus he’s had. But we had a pleasant day out together and that’s what marriage is about – enjoying life together.

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