Entering Middle School

Many parents make a huge fuss over their child beginning preschool or kindergarten. My daughter will begin preschool this year and I have covered all of the basics when it comes to ‘overdoing’. I see parents come into kindergarten the first day with cameras and video recorders.

As the years pass by the excitement and involvement tends to dwindle down. The children are dropped off at the door and no pictures are made. By the time the child reaches middle school, all excitement is pretty much gone. However, during these years children need the support of their parents more than ever.

Just because your child insists that he or she does not need you doesn’t mean that you should not be involved. You may not want to run into the classroom making snapshots and home videos but you can still be supportive.

Below are some things that you can do to stay in touch with your middle school child.

Read all of the school’s information and policies carefully. Many middle schools have stricter rules than elementary schools. Check the dress code, cell phone, and absentee policies.

Ask about school newssheets and newsletters. Many middle schools publish a newspaper or newsletter.

Attend extra curriculum events. Take your child to school sporting events and functions. Try to meet other parents and classmates of your child.

Ask your child about his or her day. Try to avoid questions that your child can answer with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Even if you do not get much information from your child, make sure that the opportunity to share is offered daily.

Check to see if the middle school students keep an agenda book. If so, look through it with your child and help prepare for future tests and events.

Know your child’s teachers. When I taught eighth grade, I would go a complete school year without meeting some parents. Do not wait until there is a problem to talk with the teachers.

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