Entertainment Books – Free Shipping

Every year, we buy an Entertainment Book. They’re full of discounts for your local area, most Buy One, Get One Free. Most of the book ends up unused, but we make more than our money back on just the Safeway coupons ($5 off per month). Buying them early makes good sense because they’re still good until the end of September 2008, so you’re getting an extra couple of months to use them. Plus, if you buy now, they’ll pick up the shipping cost.

If you know you’ll be using the book soon (and every year), you can pick up one of the remaining 2007 books for only $9.99 shipped. Save even more (an extra $5) by signing up to automatically have the book shipped to you every year.

What’s really nice is that you can browse before you buy. David’s been wanting to take sailing lessons. Even though Paul was in the Navy for twenty years, he doesn’t sail. Go figure! One of the coupons is a B1G1 sailing excursion. $60/hr for four people. The second hour will be free with the Entertainment coupon. That means a two-hour lesson for four Scouts for $15 each! We make the money back off that one coupon alone.

Another benefit is finding out about things you didn’t even know existed. Our last book had a Reptile Zoo coupon in it. I’m not really big on creepy, crawly things, but the boys are. The zoo has the Ten Deadliest Snakes which is worth the price of full admission. It’s even better at a discounted price. We’re an on-the-go family and always up for something new.

When you get your book, look through it thoroughly. Then take a marker and write on your calendar reminders about those coupons that are monthly. Otherwise, you’ll go to the store the day after your coupon has expired and groan. Some of the coupons occur monthly. After I’ve gone through it, I keep it in my glove box. I learned that the hard way, with kids clamoring that they’re hungry and me knowing I have a 2 for 1 coupon for Subway at home in the bookcase.

Browse the coupons in your area, mentally calculate the minimum you’ll save, and buy your book while the shipping’s free.

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