Establishing a Support System #5 Adoption Finalization and Other Legal Issues.

It is so exciting when adoptive families finally have the official adoption decree. At last what we have worked so long and hard for is completed and our child is our child forever and ever. Many families are so happy to reach this milestone they miss an opportunity to take care of a variety of other legal issues they might have been able to accomplish in one shot with the same attorney.

As parents most of us know we should have our wills written and plan for the needs of our children in the event something happens to us. Writing a will and having it legally prepared is often one of those things we know we should do but put off for much longer then common sense tells us we should. Adoptive parents have a unique opportunity in that we have an attorney involved at some point along the way to the final adoption decree.

Most attorneys who handle adoption will be able to help with wills and planning for our child’s future. The costs of doing this all at the same time we finalize the adoption can be much less then going back later for the same things. A good attorney will be happy to talk with adoptive families about the variety of issues all parents face and the legal methods we have to protect and meet our children’s needs.

If we have established open communication with our families and friends we might have a good idea about which members of our support system would be best to care for our children in the event of our death. We may know that one member of the family, while in most ways would be the best choice, perhaps has a negative attitude about adoption and may not actually be a safe and healthy person to deem our child’s caregiver if we are gone.

Talking with an attorney, insurance agent and other professionals about planning for our child’s future is something very easily put off. During the time waiting for the adoption to be final is a great time to take care of the legal matters that can end up being a more costly later. Since adoptive parents are working with an attorney the best time to mark these tasks off the list is during the process of finalizing the adoption.

Point This series of articles will address establishing a support system for new adoptive parents and families.

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