Evaluating Your Self Worth


Do you constantly focus on your weight, appearance or ability to perform in a negative manner? Are you always comparing yourself to other moms and coming to the conclusion that you suck at raising kids? Do you regularly dismiss compliments and continually find yourself checking with others before moving forward with projects or decisions as they relate to your home or family?

If you answered “yes” to any of the aforementioned questions, you are not alone. A new study shows an increasing number of moms suffer from low self-esteem. In addition, researchers found that stay-at-home moms experience self-worth issues more than moms who work outside of the house.

Nothing like throwing gasoline on the already raging SAHM vs. Working Moms firestorm.

In any event, the gist of the study dealt with proving how critical it is for children to have moms with positive self-esteem. According to scientists, a child with a mother, who possesses high self worth, is more likely to excel in academics, athletics and personal relationships.

Not for nothing, but I think of one the ways a SAHM battling low self-esteem could break out of her fog is to be paid what she’s worth.

According to the Washington Post, if the job of a stay-at-home parent were salaried it would draw roughly $100,000… or $96, 261 to be exact.

The paper got its numbers from the financial gurus at Mint.com, which assigned a dollar amount to different homemaker duties.

Basically, they came up with the following:

Private Chef = $52,260 per year

House Cleaner = $6,136 per year

Child Care = $31,200 per year

Driver = $4,168 total per year

Laundry Service = $936 total per year

Lawn Maintenance = $1,560 total per year

Total for a year of all services = $96,261

Personally, I’d like to see computer technician, teacher, chief executive officer, psychologist, and facilities manager, added to the list.

Still, I can’t fathom earning $96,000-plus for being a mom, but I guess that’s what dreams are made for.

Would your self-esteem skyrocket if you were raking in nearly 100 grand for being a parent?

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