Even if you don’t operate a home-business, you still have home “busy-ness”.

One of my closest friends called me yesterday and told me she had been reading my blog and that it was helping her focus on issues she hadn’t thought about before. Ironically, my friend doesn’t own or operate a home-business, but she does spend countless hours from home volunteering for a non-profit agency.

It was the ultimate complement. I adore this gal. She is organized, upbeat, energetic and motivated. Having her tell me that *I* was helping her, was a bit like having my doctor ask me for medical advice. Needless to say, I was honored.

It made me think. Wouldn’t everyone benefit from learning some of the principals of operating a home-based business even if they don’t actually have one?

Some of the topics that Kori and I have been covering in our home-business blogs involve the following issues; time management, family-work balance, getting along with customers and co-workers, staying motivated…and more.

You don’t need to be a writer, a transcriptionist, a direct seller or a telecommuter to find home business advice helpful. Odds are, many of our readers who are not formally “working from home” are still working from home in other capacities. Do you volunteer? Do you serve on event-planning committees? Are you a parent-assistant at your child’s school? Do you have a hobby that you spend a lot of time on?

If you are a mother (or dad) you are also a volunteer, a taxi-driver, personal assistant, chef and spouse. Trust me, you are working from home. Unfortunately, you just aren’t getting paid for it.

Did you read Kori’s recent post about how napping can help your business? Chances are, you deserve one too!

What about her “stimulating creativity” post? Whether you are working with kids, running a business, or volunteering for a non-profit agency…it always pays to be creative.

Lest we forget my recent post about creating a space that inspires you. Whether it be a broom closet, a spare bedroom or bistro table on your deck…we all need a space we can call our own to pray, to think and to imagine.

Are you a parent who has home “busy-ness”? What inspires you? Tell us about it in the comments section.