Even More Inexpensive or Free Advertising Options For Your Scrapbooking Home Business

You have decided you really love the idea of getting paid to do something you love. Hopefully you have researched the many direct sales companies out there and you are familiar with the way they work and like the idea of becoming a scrapbooking consultant. If this is you, then here are even more inexpensive or free advertising options for your scrapbooking home business.

Set up at the craft fair, flea market or garage sale. If you create layouts, cards or even are able to stock some supplies or do a few make and takes at your local flea market, craft fair or garage sale – you might just get a couple of leads. Just don’t spend a lot on a booth or anything else, because these tend to be less lucrative, however if you set up at your own or a neighbors garage sale, you have a lot more opportunity and it cost you nothing.

Penny Ads are Convenient. This is a really low cost way to advertise and you’d be surprised at how many people pick them up just to browse. Advertise a class, a workshop or just a crop you wish to host. Reel them in and then once you have them, show them all the great products you have.

Mom’s Groups, School Groups, Sport’s Groups. Meet new friends and pass along the word that you do scrapbooking classes, and more. Be sure and bring your catalog with you and perhaps be working on an order in front of others or even on a project that is portable and let them see how great things look and how easy it is to do. Usually your own enthusiasm is contagious which will make them want to know more.

Word of Mouth is a great way to spread your business. Encourage your customers, friends and family members to spread the word and then reward them for referring any customers your way. Offer them a free product, a free class or something else anytime they bring someone new into your world. This will keep them encouraged to keep at it, and allow you to get some new customers with some extra help.

Do you have any tricks for free or inexpensive advertising for your scrapbooking home business?

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