Everyone’s Hero: A Cute Baseball Film Directed by Christopher Reeve

When I saw “Everyone’s Hero” I was reminded of a Seinfield episode where George takes Babe Ruth’s jersey out of lock up and wears it around town. In Everyone’s Hero a player for the Chicago Cubs breaks into the lock-up and steals old babe’s baseball bat. Apparently the security procedure for these highly valuable items needs to be updated a bit.

One important thing to note about this film is that it was directed and executive produced by the late Christopher Reeve.

In Everyone’s Hero a boy named Yankee. Yankee’s father works for the Yankee’s oddly enough, and is working the night that the bat is stolen. When Yankee’s father is accused of taking the bat and fired Yankee decides that it is his responsibility to help retrieve the bat and get his father his job back. Seems like a realistic goal for a ten year old, right?


Every good cartoon character also needs a sidekick, and in this movie Yankee’s in a talking baseball. Yankee it turns out is not so good at baseball, horrible in fact, to a point the other children routinely make fun of him. Yankee finds the ball before the whole bat debacle begins, and the ball serves as a good friend throughout the movie.

Yankee and his ball set out for Chicago with the hope of getting the bat back. Along their journey Yankee’s baseball skills improve greatly with the help of a girl they meet along the way.

“Everyone’s Hero” has a good deal of celebrity voices including Whoopi Goldberg, Rob Reiner, William H. Macy, Raven Symone, and Mandy Patinkin.

The movie is rated G and has a small amount of peril and potty humor but should be appropriate for children first grade and up. One thing to note is that this movie is set at a time when African Americans played on different teams than white baseball players. Depending on how old your child is that may lend to a few questions after the movie.

Everyone’s hero runs and hour and 26 minutes and is now playing at theaters everywhere.

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