Evidence: Man

In my last blog I wrote that the world around us is evidence for a Supreme Being. In this blog I want to write about what I consider another type of evidence for God: a specific part of the creation-man.

Evolutionists will merely say that man is another animal here on this earth that evolved over millions and millions of years. For them, man is just another branch of the evolutionary tree classified as Homo sapien, simply another type of primate. However, there are many characteristics of man that are not like any other creature on earth.

  1. Man has the ability for complex thought and reasoning. While animals (or at least some of them) are capable of thought, they are not capable of the complex thought and reasoning like humans.
  2. Man has a sense of morality. Man has a sense of what is right and what is wrong. While man does not always act on what is right and wrong, man still has a sense of right and wrong. Animals do not have any concept of right and wrong.
  3. Man has what has been termed as “a sense of ought.” What exactly is meant by a “sense of ought”? What if when passing by a river you noticed a man struggling, possibly drowning, in the water? What would you do? More likely than not, you would seek some way to help the man even though you had no idea who the man was. Man has an innate sense to help those in need.

Clearly man is different from other animals on earth. I believe that these differences between man and the other animals on earth are not something that could have developed on their own. Man is very complex emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually, unlike any other creature on the planet.

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