Exercise – The Bane of My Life or Boon of My Existence

I have a friend who keeps me honest. Every morning she emails me, knowing that I’m at the computer before the crack of dawn, and it reads: “Walking? It’s not raining.” I, of course, have to answer yes, because exercise is good for you and she’s at my door ten minutes later. Wait, I better get dressed, she’s on her way right now.

Okay, I’m back — 45 minutes of walking up and down hills sure gives you a new perspective on life. Let me explain. Donna, that’s my walking partner, and I talk about the state of the nation, the state of the state, the state of the city, the state of society, religion (on all levels) of many different faiths, history (of all nations and peoples) — sometimes we cry, sometimes we laugh, most of all we are edified all while getting some exercise that gets the heart pumping, the brain thinking, fat melting, pounds disappearing and life straightened out. That’s a lot of benefit for 45 minutes worth of walking. The social aspect cannot be ignored either. We wave and speaking briefly to neighbor after neighbor as everyone begins their day. The sun peaks up over the mountains, the crispness of the early spring morning, it gets you pumped up and ready for the day.

When the body is healthy the soul is more unified. I find that I am better able to listen to the spirit. The writing of my books and movies goes much easier. I can wrestle with my nephews and nieces longer. In other words, I am better able to serve my Savior in a healthier body. So make sure your family home evenings, your personal progress, your family goals include lots and lots of fun exercise. Frizbee, football or soccer in the park. Snowboarding or skiing on the mountain. Walking early in the morning or later at night with your spouse has benefits to health and marriage. Even something as simple as gardening can take pounds off as well. (That’s if you include all the digging, planting, weeding, etc.) Find it, do it, enjoy it — you’ll be glad you did.