F Means Fail

F means fail, right? So you certainly don’t want to get an F for your marriage. So here are three Fs to help keep your marriage on the right track.


Being faithful to each other is a cornerstone of marriage. You need to know that your spouse is faithful to you when they’re at work or away on a trip. Your spouse needs to know you are faithful to them. But it’s more than just being faithful in the sexual sense, important as that is.

It’s also being faithful in the way you talk about them to others. Constant criticism and running your spouse down to others can eat away at a marriage like a cancer. How much better to be faithful to them by keeping confidences, maintaining privacy and not ranting to others and letting them know about their faults?


This time I’m talking about faith in God. Faith in God and adopting biblical principles for marriage provides another solid basis for marriage. If you can pray and read the Bible with your partner, it makes it a lot harder to stay angry with them or out of harmony with them.

It makes is easier too to forgive them and for them to forgive us as we realize neither of us is perfect. It also helps give a solid foundation on which to base our parenting. It means there’s always someone else to turn to. Rather than expecting your spouse to solve any problems, you can go to God together with them for help.


No I’m not suggesting you need to have a certain level of income. What you need is to be able to discuss finances and come to a workable budget and agreement about how money is spent, whether you choose to have a joint account or separate his and her’s accounts.

Money can cause more arguments than just about anything in marriage so make sure you talk about it before marriage and make sure you are thinking along similar lines.

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