Fabulous Find Friday: The ScrapOnizer

It was an easy pick this week. This fabulous find is not only new and definitely fabulous, but it is a functional, multi-use piece as well. The brand new ScrapOnizer brings scrapbooking storage above and beyond to a whole new level. And the best part? It is definitely not just for scrapbookers!

The ScrapOnizer is a new storage and organizational system that is made of clear, yet durable poly-vinyl. Being clear, makes finding what you are looking for extremely easy as well as a whole lot of fun to customize and/or alter.

It has a self-locking feature to ensure that nothing falls out and that everything stays where you put it when you close it up. They are compact and have a wide variety of places that they can be stored. The fact that they can simply be slid into a bookshelf is awesome, but beyond that they can be stored in drawers, magazine holders, baskets, plastic containers and other locations. They can be stored on your desk and take up little space, keeping everything handy and at your own reach.

But don’t stop there with the ScrapOnizer. They can be used in the garage or workshop, sewing room, office, craft rooms, kids rooms, the local fishing hole, even in the car or wherever anything small needs to be stored. They might be perfect for small embellishments but there are a large variety of ways this innovative and versatile organizer can be used.

As I mentioned before, one of my favorite features of the ScrapOnizer is the fact that you can alter it. I love the idea of altering them to match your scrap room or other areas in your home. You can label the sides or the fronts and even if they aren’t clear anymore, they will be easy to find what is inside of them.

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