Fabulously Frugal Father’s Day Finds

Fathers day is coming up fast. If you haven’t started shopping for your husband and/or Father, then you may end up either paying too much for with a gift that will scream “last minute”. Buying for men is a hard job. First of all, most items for men are either expensive, or not something a woman would think about. We walk into electronics stores and our eyes glaze over. Go into the hardware store and and feel exhausted. So how do we find a good Father’s Day gift for the men in our lives? Don’t worry, I have a few ideas for you.

Artwork: Men are sentimental too. Give them a creative peice of artwork made from family photos. For ideas, on how creative you can get, visit Photowow.com to see how you can turn a picture into a watercolor, abstract art, or a collage.

Movies: Plan a move marathon day with either movies dad loves like Starwars, or Lord of the rings, or get a selection of movies about fathers. Some of my favorite pics are Fatherhood by Bill Cosby, Father of the Bride, and Cheaper by the Dozen. Pick movies that have some meaning between yourself and the father in your life.

Personal items: CVS is having a 40% off sale until June 19 on great personal items for Dad. the Sonicare toothbrush is only $49.00. The Norelco shaver is $69.99. There are also navigation systems and cameras are deeply discounted.

Last minute tickets to your local ballpark. Ticketzoom.com will help you get last tickets to last minute games at ballparks. It works in very much the same way as hotel rooms work giving you great prices for unsold seating.

Restaurant: Take him out to dinner for less by getting a certificare from Restaurant.com
This website always has certificate coupons to restaurants in your area.

Whatever you decide to buy, go over to Freecoupons.com and print out some coupons to save extra money!


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