Fact or Fiction: Pomegranates Help You Lose Weight

Pomegranates are all rage when it comes to health and weight loss benefits. However, we have been fooled before by magic fruit. Can the pomegranate really live up to the hype?

Nutrients Found in the Pomegranate:

Pomegranate juice contains more antioxidants than blueberry or cranberry juice. The benefit of antioxidants is undeniable and pomegranates are a rich source. Pomegranates contain iron, fiber, vitamin C and E which are antioxidants. Antioxidants help repair damage done by free radicals such as environmental toxins.

Health Benefits:

It has been said that pomegranates help lower blood pressure, reduce dental plaque, lower cholesterol and prevent cancer. It is known to be a natural detox for the body and benefits your hair and skin.

What about weight loss?

It is claimed that because pomegranates fight hardening of the arteries which in turn lowers the bad LDL cholesterol and raises the good HDL cholesterol that it helps aid in a healthy weight and eliminates weight loss.

So does it help in weight loss?

The facts are that pomegranates are very healthy for you. If you are not allergic to them then I highly suggest you add them into your diet. Whole food is best but 100 percent juices and some supplements will give you the health benefits of this super fruit. The claims on how healthy this fruit is are true. Yet, it will not help you lose weight. Adding in a few here and there will benefit you but you will not see a reduction of weight if you chomp on these and continue to eat a bag of chips every night before bed. Again no magic bullet for weight loss found. However, this fruit is excellent for your health and if you can add it in then do so. But do not add it in for the specific purpose of weight loss you have overall health to think about which is a more important reason to eat them.

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