Faith-Based Weight Loss

Don’t discount this. More an more people are doing it and more and more people are succeeding at weight loss because of it!

Where do most people go for support during difficult times?

To church.


Because they feel a fellowship, a kinship even to the people they worship with.

Well, Pastor Steve Reynolds is calling on his congregation to turn to God for the strength to fight their weight loss woes. It sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? My guess is that nutritionists and exercise geeks will say it is a bunch of bunk but let’s think about this for a minute.
If you are a religious person and you turn to God for support and strength in other areas of your life, why not with your health to? I’m not suggesting you sit down to a bowl of potato chips and say “God, please don’t let me gain any weight from this”. That would just be wrong. But we always hear that God helps those who help themselves, right? So, if you’re saying a morning prayer anyway and you’re really putting some effort into losing weight, why not ask God for a little help?

Could it really hurt?

Pastor Steve Reynolds weighed 340 pounds two years ago. He says of himself: “I was diabetic, I was taking high blood pressure and cholesterol medicine and was digging my grave with a knife and fork.”

He has since lost 100 pounds and started a diet and exercise program called Bod4God. Bod4God does more than tell you to pray for weight loss. It promotes a team approach and we all know that having teammates, supporters or cheerleaders is what we all need when trying to lose weight. We can’t always get that support at home from spouses who don’t need to lose weight and kids that run off every extra calorie, but the other people you are close to, like those at church, just may be the little extra support you need.

Whatever support you need to be in the best health you can be, I hope you find it.

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