Fall Fun

Fall is finally here and my family and I have been taken full advantage of the cooler weather. We excitedly unpacked our cool weather sweaters, pants, and shoes (no more sandals). My son was particularly enthusiastic about getting to wear his hoodies, hats, and mittens. As we were getting ready to spend some time outside, he would jump up and down saying, “I wanna wear my sweater with a hood, I wanna wear my gloves!” He also enthralled with his sister’s warm weather clothes. She also had a sweater and hat as well as couple sweaters with hoods. The most interesting and perhaps strange (to my son at least) was his baby sister’s tights; he calls them pants with feet and, “I want some pants with feet too.” As far as his sister is concerned, the so called, “pants with feet” are the only way to keep her feet covered; she despises socks and shoes!

With all of our cool weather clothes, we frequently made trips outside to play. Most often my son would ride his tricycle while mom and baby sister chased him around the circle drive. He would occasionally and graciously allow his nine month old sister to ride his tricycle with mom’s help; which she found to be extremely fun. After a while of riding the tricycle, we would take a bunch of paper airplanes that we made and race them along side the house, while baby sister played on a blanket completely mesmerized by the colorful leaves in and around the trees.

We also took several trips to the park to swing, slide down slides, and run. The lovely cool autumn weather made it easy to play for a long time, which is something that my son in particular really appreciated. If only I would remember to pack a snack! Hopefully will be many more fall days to enjoy!