Families.com Newsletter April 2012

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Families.com Newsletter April 2012

Inspiration from real parents like you.

Parents, wondering how on earth we are going to get through this? Read on for inspiration and tips from real parents just like you. Pull up a chair and pour yourself another cup of coffee. Share the struggles and the laughter with us and find strength for the journey.

Finding Balance in the Unbalance

I Choose Happiness

Stop Procrastinating

Celebrating You

Relax, No One’s Perfect

Letting Go of Worry

Real issues. Real people. Real gratitude.

We made a realization last night. While it’s nice to get away from the house by ourselves from time to time to reconnect, we would never change what we have for the world. Our children are what makes our life complete. Walking hand in hand in the stores without the hustle and bustle of boisterous children around us is just not the same… we prefer the craziness.

Appreciating the Craziness of Parenting

Real parenting. Real advice. Real results.

Follow our senior blogger Stephanie Romero in this ten-part blog series entitled “Ten Ways to Push Your Teen Away.”

A cleverly written and honest series that makes you think a different way about parenting your teens, by listing what not to do.

Ten Ways to Push Your Teen Away