Families.com Readers are an Educated Group!!

In many cases I would have to say that the general public feels that stay-at-moms-and housewives are either not trained in a particular skill or lack a higher education. I am not lucky enough to get to stay home with my children but I know that it is definitely not a job for an undereducated or lazy woman!

However, I know several women that do stay home. Some have children and some do not. Either way, they choose not to have a formal outside of the home job.

Many of these women hold a college degree.

While looking through the forums, I noticed a thread that asked what is the highest education degree you hold. After glancing through the responses, I was very surprised. Not all of our readers or responders are stay at home moms or housewives. Yet some are and they hold very high degrees.

I am not in the select group that feels stay-at-home moms cannot find a job. However I was very pleased to find that we have so many readers with such prestigious degrees. Some of the women hold two or even three master’s degrees and are working on up the ladder.

It is very exciting to hear responses and opinions from writers and readers of this caliber! I noticed Registered Nurses, along with other professionals, answering questions for those who needed help or advice.

I think that it is very exciting to come to a forum or site such as Fmailies.com and be able to get expert and educated communication with others. So many times forums and such get the reputation of being full of people who just sit around and surf the web all day.

Looking at the jobs and degrees that we hold, it is definitely obvious that this is not true of the Families.com population!

Thanks for being such as great group and for the continued support and expert information that you offer to our reader family!!

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