Family Councils

Family councils are a great way to help families run smoothly. Church leaders have suggested that family councils be held on a regular basis to help create a peaceful home environment. You can have a family council on a variety of topics including where to go on a family vacation, how to divide household chores, ways to save money, or scheduling family activities.

Here are some tips that will make family councils more effective:

It would be good to open the council meeting with a prayer. This helps to set a respectful tone for the meeting.

Let everyone have a turn to speak, and truly listen to all members of your family. The meetings are more effective if each person feels that they are truly being listened to, and are more likely to listen to others.

Have the meetings on a regular basis. You can decide how often is best for your family, but for most families at least once a month is best.

Have a positive tone in the meeting. If the meeting becomes heated or children become angry, it would be best to adjourn until everyone has calmed down, and can discuss the issue in a rational manner. It is also important to make sure there are no personal attacks in the meeting. If you have an issue with a particular child, it is best to address it with only the child who is concerned.

Have an agenda and stick to it. While parents may have a list of issues that they feel a need to discuss. It is important to allow you children to add issues to the agenda that they may feel need to be discussed. You could have a sign up sheet for the children to add items to the agenda or talk to your younger children before the council.

Keep the meetings to a set amount of time. You can have family councils with any age or any size of family, but it is important to tailor the time to your family’s need. If you have young children the meeting should be shorter.

Family councils will allow your family to address issues in a safe environment. They can also teach good communication skills. Family councils held regularly will help family life become more peaceful.