Family Favorites Scrapbooking

Getting your family involved in your family albums is a sure way to create a legacy or preserve memories the way they should be preserved. It is an interesting change when you ask your children or husband what in particular they remember about an event. Usually it is a far cry from what you remember, or what was important to you.

It is important to include all these different aspects in different pages. Lately, I have tried to ask my children’s opinions on what things they remember or what events were their favorites when I am creating a layout. This way, I can journal in their voices, or with their words and they become a huge voice in my albums.

Our newest layouts include a lot of interesting topics, that we dub “Family Favorites Fun”. When I am creating a layout, I ask each child to tell me one sentence that sums up the event I am scrapbooking. I include each statement on the layout. This is a terrific way to see what everyone remembers, and it usually tells the full story since there are seven of us, and we usually enjoyed different things.

Another thing we have begun doing as a family is creating favorite pages. For instance, over the weekend we created a “Favorite Christmas Memories” page. It was awesome to see what they remembered and see the different “voices” come out in their individual sentences.

I also created a “Favorite Foods” page where each child was asked to list six foods that they loved. I gave them full creativity. One listed individual items: cheese, shrimp, fruit, yogurt, etc. Another child listed more specific items: Mom’s Texas Sheet Cake, Mike’s Macaroni, Chicken and Dumplings, Shrimp Scampi, King Crab Legs. It was so incredibly interesting to see what they enjoyed most and the different ways they journaled it.

Doing these kind of pages in your yearly albums, is a sure fire way to include each person’s individual thoughts into your albums.

Here are a few other items to get you started in creating your own family pages:

  • Favorite Thing About (a trip), (school), (our visit to the zoo), etc.
  • Favorite Gift of the Whole Year (or just birthday or Christmas, etc.)
  • Favorite Family Tradition
  • Favorite Book(s)
  • Favorite Movie(s)
  • Favorite Television Show(s)
  • Top Three Things You Love To Do
  • Favorite Outfit (snap a photograph!)

As you can see, the possibilities are endless.

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