Family Fun New Year’s Resolutions

Like my family, maybe you want to have more fun together as a family and draw closer over the next year. It’s a worthy goal, but sometimes easier said than done, especially when the holiday break is over and our busy lives get rolling again. The answer? Set some New Year’s Resolutions to have fun togehter.You might think it’s silly to set goals to do fun things–but I’ve found in my own family that unless I have plans and goals, fun can easily get swallowed up by a to-do list.

This is also a terrific New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day activity, sure to get your family looking forward to all that the new year has to bring. So get out your pencil and paper, gather everyone together and start planning. Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Write down the goals and post them in a prominent place. This prevents forgetting and procrastinating, and will help you keep the goals fresh in mind.

2. Choose small activities. A week-long camping trip in the summer is a worthy goal, but don’t forget the small things that bring big rewards. How about a weekly board game, say, Sunday evenings? Or a monthly evening out to a favorite family restaurant?

3. Schedule things carefully, especially if you have busy teenagers. A midweek three-hour evening activity might not be practical with sports, homework and other school activities going on. The idea is to get the whole family involved, so don’t make it impossible for certain family members to participate. Planning activities such as attending your son’s basketball game together can be a solution to this problem.

4. Try something new. Learning a new game, trying a new food or going someplace you’ve never been can open your family to new favorites and traditions.

5. Don’t over schedule. The idea is fun, not drudgery. Keep your goals light, fun and don’t stress if they don’t turn out exactly as planned. Remember, this is supposed to be fun!