Family Home Evening: Kind Words

This week’s family home evening lesson is about the words that you use. To learn more about this topic you can read “The Tongue of Angels” by Jeffrey R Holland. This lesson is going to focus primarily on the words that you say to others. You can also discuss the tone of voice that people use. If you feel that you need to broaden the lesson you can talk about actions and being kind to each other.

You can open the lesson by reading Matthew 5:11. Discuss with your children what the scripture means. Ask your children about what their words might mean about them. Ask them what words are not appropriate. It is important to point out that there are words that we avoid using such as profanity, and words or things that we should not say because it can hurt others feelings. You can talk about how yelling and screaming can hurt people’s feelings. You can also talk about how whining or sarcasm can have a negative feeling on others.

You may want to play a game of telephone to point out that the words we say may change as other people tell them to others. You may want to stress the negative effects that gossip may have on others. In addition you may want to talk about how nice it is to compliment and praise others. This can help to build them up when negative words can pull them down. You can end the lesson by sharing Ephesians 4:29-32.

You can choose your favorite hymns to accompany this lesson. You may want to spend part of the lesson taking time to praise each child. This is a time you can use your words positively. You may also want to write a letter of praise to each child and give it them at the end of the lesson. As a family you may want to write letters to each other, or to someone who needs encouragement at this time.

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