Family Home Evening Resources

If you are looking for family home evening lessons that are easy to put together or just more resources for specific topics you may want to consider looking at the following sites.

1) The church’s website is a great place to go. They have a section that lists several topics for family home evening lessons. The topics include a link to a lesson in the family home evening manual, as well as links to articles, songs and activities on the topic. This is a great resource if you are in a pinch and want to jazz up your family home evening ideas.

2) Deseret Book has been offering a family home evening lesson every week for several years. You can access the archived lessons and choose one that matches your planned topic. Even if you plan your own lesson, these lessons have some fun ideas for activities. They also include an idea for refreshments.

3) You can find additional up-to-date resources for lessons in the family home evening manual here. The resources all come from the LDS website, and may include Primary lessons, Ensign articles and stories from The Friend. This is a great resource if you have young children.

4) LDS Living Magazine also offers many family home evening outlines. These outlines include stories, activity ideas and recipes for refreshments. You can sit down and complete these lessons without much outside preparation.

5) Of course, you can check out the family home evening section here. These lessons pull together resources and ideas from a variety of topics. You can find lessons on topics in the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet, as well as lessons based on General Conference talks.

Ultimately you need to plan and prepare lessons for your family’s specific needs. These are all great resources that you can use to make planning the lessons a little bit easier. You may also consider purchasing family home evening manuals as well.

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