Family Home Evening: Temples

One important subject to consider for family home evening is that of the temple. It is important to teach your children the sacredness of the temple, and the importance of your children going to the temple someday. It may be difficult to know exactly what is appropriate to discuss as a family. You may want to read this talk “Preparing Our Families for the Temple” by Sister Carol B Thomas.

If you have Primary children you may want to talk about the temple, and how it is a special building. You can use this sharing time “Temples in All Times.” You may also want to talk about the sacredness of the temple you can complete the activities in this sharing time “A Place of Love and Beauty.” You may want to discuss that temples allow families to be sealed together, so that you can still be a family after you die. You may want to take your children to temple grounds and show them around.

If you have teenagers you may want to base your lesson on “Your Temple Recommend” By Howard W Hunter and “How to Talk about the Temple,” and “Come to the Temple.” These talks answer questions that your teenagers may have about the temple. You should talk about the blessings your receive as you attend the temple, and encourage your children to set a goal to be married there one day. If you can you may want to take your children to complete baptisms at the temple.

If you are teaching a class that is primarily for adults you may want to base a discussion on “Enhancing Our Temple Experience” by Elder L. Lionel Kendrick and “A Temple Motivated People” by President Howard W. Hunter. You may also want to encourage the people in your family home evening group to attend the temple this month.

You can combine the different ideas presented into a lesson that will best meet the needs of your family. You should remember to open and close with a prayer as well as have refreshments. Be sure to make family home evening a positive experience for your family.

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