Family Issues: Current Events and News

Do you watch the news on television, listen to it on the radio, check it out online, or read the paper? Do you seek out more than one source for news before forming an opinion? Today, many people get their news and form opinions based on sensational headlines, photo ops, and quickie sound bytes. There is much more going on in the world than what one can glean from these teasers.

If you’ve ever watched a “Man on the Street” segment of Fox News’ “Hannity and Colmes” show, you might be surprised by how many people have no clue what’s going on around them. In fact, it is unfortunate that many people do not even know what is going on in their own country, let alone the rest of the world, yet these people proudly vote even though they have no idea who they are electing, much less why they want to help them get elected.

During one such segment, people were asked to identify a photo of someone. She happens to be the first woman Speaker of the House of Representatives in the history of the United States. Do you know her name? You probably do, but few people walking down the street knew it was Nancy Pelosi.

Whether you agree with Ms. Pelosi’s politics or not, she is an important person. It makes sense to know who holds powerful positions in this country, and who is influencing policy that affects not only our lives and our families but also this nation as a whole. It also makes sense to learn as much about our leaders as possible, especially since news is ratings based and the majority of it is filled with rhetoric and ideology rather than strictly factual information.

That is another reason why it’s good to compare sources. You can examine all sides of the spectrum and as the old saying goes, you’ll most likely find the truth somewhere in the middle.

How do you and your family keep up with current events?

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