Family Reunion Shots

Summer reunions are a tradition for many families across the globe. In addition to allowing multiple generations the opportunity to get to know each other a little better, reunions are also a prime chance to snap keepers of each family member.

We all know that family photos are invaluable, but only the best ones are passed down from generation to generation. So, what do you need to do to ensure your family reunion shots are frame worthy?

For starters, a family portrait should reflect a cohesive structure, regardless of how many subjects appear in a single shot. Whether you are shooting a family of four or a clan with 10 members you don’t want to end up with a picture that looks like a bunch of mismatched strangers randomly posed for a photo.

Last year my mother’s side of the family hosted a gigantic family reunion. More than 200 extended family members attended and each was gifted with an official family reunion t-shirt. The shirts were mandatory wear during a planned picture-taking session with a professional photographer who was hired for the day. Having matching shirts helped keep the photos cohesive since no one family member stood out or distracted from the other members of the clan. While you don’t have to incur the expensive of purchasing matching shirts, you might consider having family members wear coordinating outfits. This doesn’t mean everyone in the photo has to wear identical outfits. Rather, the idea is to make sure Uncle Jack doesn’t show up wearing a suit while Cousin Ralph comes to the reunion sporting a tank top and shorts.

Color is also critical when it comes to family reunion photos. Group shots benefit from neutral tones, such as blues and browns. Having Cousin Cheryl show up in her favorite hot pink dress while Grandma Alice sports her usual green sweater doesn’t make for a cohesive shot. Light and dark tones should not be mixed together, as it creates visual confusion. You don’t want one subject to pop out of the photo while the other fades in the background.

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