Family Traditions: Movie Nights

It’s funny how family traditions sometimes have a way of forming all on their own. Tyler and I have an unspoken tradition. Lately, Friday nights have become our unofficial movie night. Friday’s have become synonymous with pizza, popcorn and a movie. Sometimes I throw in some gummy worms, just to keep it interesting. It means getting down on the floor with the lights out and snuggling close together. I’m not exactly sure how it morphed into this tradition but I realized that I have started to really look forward to it. And so has Tyler.

Family traditions don’t have to be elaborate or costly. For our Friday nights together, I pop a few of those mini pizzas in the oven, throw a bag of popcorn in the microwave and put a couple of sodas in the freezer until they are icy cold. Then we watch a movie that I’ve checked out of the library for a buck. I usually get something that I know Tyler will like, maybe one we missed at the theater. Sometimes he chooses an oldie and I get to rediscover the movie all over again. Take Friday, for instance, The Karate Kid, with a very young Ralph Macchio was on the bill and I found myself actually enjoying it. I wasn’t sure I would; I don’t recall liking it the first time around.

But that’s the great thing about having kids; they change our perspective. They make us see life differently. I often joke that I am so sick and tired of watching movies with talking animals, talking vehicles or movies where the kids are the star and the parents are generally made to look like fools. But the truth is I actually enjoy most of these movies. It’s kind of like those Frosted Flake cereal commercials where the adults are hiding in the shadows eating a bowl of cereal, but not wanting anyone to know that they enjoy a so-called kid’s cereal. Do I dare admit that I like Barnyard or Cars or do I pretend I simply watched them for the kid?

I’m a firm believer that if you start family traditions when your kids are young, they’ll want to continue with them as they get older. I’m hoping that Tyler will actually look forward to our movie nights. I’m hoping that he won’t rather spend all of his time with his friends. Maybe he’ll want to save a little time for his dear old mom. But for now, I’ll continue to cherish these special times together. Kids grow up so fast; savor the moment.

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