Family TV Programming is Still Popular

When I was a kid, we had four television channels to watch: three networks and PBS. (My parents’ idea of a remote control was telling either me or my brother to turn the knob on the television to change the channel.) Yes, I’m a little old. After seeing yet another commercial for a sitcom that represents a certain racial group as trashy, ignorant and uneducated, my husband and I reflected back upon our own childhood years and the quality programming we found in programs like Little House on the Prairie, The Waltons and The Cosby Show. Let’s face it, quality family television programming during prime time really doesn’t exist any more. TV schedules are loaded with versions of CSI and a vast array of so called “reality” shows that I, a former cop, actually find grotesque and offensive so I certainly wouldn’t want my children watching them!

Luckily, the folks at Disney realize that some parents really do care about what their kids watch on TV. Enter ABC Family. Believe it or not, the number of viewers watching ABC Family reached new heights in 2007 and the numbers continue to grow.

While their most popular programming targets young women from ages 14 to 28, they still have a wide variety of regular shows and movies that appeal to all ages. Old favorites like 7th Heaven, Step by Step and Full House can be found alongside new favorites like Kyle XY, Gilmore Girls and Grounded for Life.

Seven years ago, industry officials panned Disney for purchasing the struggling Fox Family Channel for $5 billion. Now, they’re wishing they had the Disney magic that can turn a struggling network into a qualified success.

If you’re looking for quality television programming that you can watch with your kids and you’ve already watched the entire DVD set of the Cosby Show, take a look at ABC Family. You just may find some quality programming on television after all.

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