Famous Oprah Moments – Part 3

Over the past 22 years, there have been many memorable Oprah moments. Some made us laugh, some made us cry, and some just made us angry, but most of them touched us in some way. Here’s a few more famous Oprah moments:

Oprah and James Frey

Even if you didn’t see either show, you probably know the history of Oprah and James Frey – it was pretty big literary news. Oprah chose Frey’s “A Million Little Pieces” as one of her book club selections and praised it. With her help, Frey sold millions of copies of his memoir that chronicled his alcohol and drug abuse and rehabilitation.

There was just one problem – not all of it was true. Frey admitted there was some fabrication and Oprah brought him back on her show to confront him. He said the same demons that had made him abuse alcohol and drugs made him fabricate portions of his book. Oprah said she felt “really duped” and that he had betrayed millions of readers.

In an attempt to maintain her integrity, Oprah had Frey’s publisher Nan Talese come out and admit that she had not checked the book’s veracity and had assured Oprah’s staff that the book was non-fiction. If you saw this episode, you just know you don’t want to do anything to incur the wrath of Oprah!

Oprah vs. Her Weight

In the 22 years she has been on the air, it seems that Oprah has been having an ongoing battle with her weight. However, in November 1988, she came out 67 pounds lighter, wagging behind her a wagon filled with that amount of fat so her viewers could visualize her loss. She even fit into her skinny jeans!

However, it didn’t last. Oprah used Optifast and admitted she didn’t eat solid food for four months. She said the diet caused her metabolism to be shot and two weeks after eating real food again, she had gained 10 pounds. Since then, she still has had problems with her weight, but focuses on healthier diets.

Stay tuned for more remarkable Oprah moments to come in my next blog!

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