Fashion Trends: Tattoos for Moms

If you don’t think the trend exists then you haven’t been to the beach or an amusement park on a 90-degree day recently. That’s where you’ll see them in full view. The hearts, the names, the swirls and twirls inked in birthstone colors.

I’m referring to tattoos, tats, skin art, whatever you call them; they are showing up in increasing numbers on the arms and legs of… moms.

That’s right; no longer are tattoos the exclusive trademark of bikers and sailors. A new study shows of the quarter of Americans from ages 18 to 50 that sport tattoos, more than a third are moms.

And similar to men who choose to permanently ink “MOM” on their biceps, the tattooed women who participated in the survey say they prefer to decorate their bodies with the names or initials of their offspring.

Others choose designs such as baby footprints, handprints, portraits, or symbols of love such as hearts featuring a child’s first initial and the date of his birth.

Some freshly inked women revealed that they got their tattoos to illustrate how proud they are to call themselves mom. What’s more, they say having a tattoo featuring their child’s face is a way of carrying their babies close to their hearts even when they are not physically present.

There was an interesting note about the tattoo survey that caught my eye—-the fact that the results caused a stir amongst the medical community. Some doctors wondered if tattoos placed on a woman’s lower back could cause problems for females who receive epidurals during labor. One expert voiced concern about there being some sort of toxicity in the tattoo ink. However, doctors with knowledge about body tattoos say the ink used by tattoo artists can’t travel into the body once the tattoo is well healed. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a risk for infection or disease. It just means you should be on guard and make sure the tattoo artist wears gloves, and uses sterile needles that are pre-packaged.

Personally, I am deathly afraid of needles so getting a tattoo is just about the last thing on earth I would ever consider doing. What about you? Would you consider tattooing your child’s name or face on your body?

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