Fast and Simple Ways To Spruce Up Your Layouts

Have you ever finished a layout and been happy with it, only to come back a bit later and think that something is missing from it? Sometimes we get over it and just move on without changing anything, but sometimes that feeling nags at you until you stand up and take notice.

You might not even realize what is missing, you can just feel that there is. You could probably stare at that layout for hours, but why not find some ways to make your layout sparkle instead?

There are some quick and really easy ways to add a little something to your layouts when they seem that something might be missing.

Are you interested in sparkle and bling?
Or do you prefer a more simple style?

Here are some things you can do to help.

Leftover Photographs – Use your leftover photographs to become accents on your scrapbook page. Cut out a portion of a photo and put it on a tag, even the round tags. Use grass or sand to cut letters out of for a title or other embellishment. Or just cut the photographs into a mosaic look and create a layout from that.

Beads – Using beads on your layout is fun. You can use beads to add a little sparkle and glitter where there might not otherwise be any. Add some beads to a sticker, punch out or die cut for a fun, glitzy look. You can turn a flat embellishment into a 3d embellishment.

Mini Collages – Take your paper scraps or pieces of other materials (playing cards, pieces from an old board game, stickers, postcards, etc., and create a collage out of them. This could become the background to your layouts, or create a smaller one and make it the background of the focal point.

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