Fatherhood Blog in Review – July 15

I’m very excited about putting the ‘male perspective’ out there for our Families members. I hope you have enjoyed reading my blogs this week as much as I have enjoyed writing them. I certainly welcome your comments, feedback, and questions.

My favorite blog of the week had to be the one entitled Penny a Minute. In it, I reminisced about a treasured activity that I shared with my father, that I hope my own children will also enjoy with him in years to come. Based on some of the comments that this blog received so far, many readers have had similar experiences with their own fathers.

Many of the situations that we find ourselves in as fathers can be quite nerve racking. Personally, I find being a dad MUCH more difficult than my nine to five job. For my own sanity, I’ve learned to try to find the humorous side of day to day fatherhood. (My children are still young enough that this is still a pretty easy thing to do.) In the humor category, you will find several true stories from my week. These are the blogs entitled The Joy of Fatherhood, and Dad Knows Everything. In You Think You’ve Got Something Covered, I included the funniest thing that I’ve ever heard in disciplining my one of my children.

My boss here at Families made the excellent suggestion about writing from my own, personal experience about successful ways I’ve found to grow close to my children. I’ve separated these into connecting with your son, connecting with your daughter, and connecting with your baby. In particular, I’ve focused this week on how dad may connect with his baby through touch.

Dads get asked TONS of questions by their children. Some of the answers are easy, and some of the answers will make you lose sleep at night. In Why Daddy, I have introduced a new feature and I invite you to share with me questions you’ve been asked or even questions you’re not sure how to answer. Look soon for some of the questions I’ve been asked and how I answered them for my children.

The last blog from this week is simply a dad’s perspective about family meal time. Check out my two cents in, Playing With Your Food.

As always if you have a question for me, want some fatherly advice, or have a suggestion for a blog topic, I welcome all of your comments. Have a great weekend.