Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s day is just creeping up just around the corner. Our dad’s are special people and deserve a special gift for this day. It doesn’t matter if they are a dad, a step-dad or the father of your children, they need to be remembered. So what do you give that special man in your life?

Here are a few ideas:

Mini Gift Album – This is a can’t go wrong gift idea. Making a small album, perhaps commemorating their life as a father, is the perfect way to let them know you appreciate them. You could do a theme such as “Top 10 Reasons We Love You”, and be sure to let the kids answer those reasons. What a special gift to receive.

Calendar – Those men in our lives often forget birthdays, holidays and special occasions. I’ve never understood why, but making them a calendar and filling in the important dates, is one way you can ensure they won’t forget. A calendar makes a great gift and you can use photographs for each month.

Coffee Mug – Your special someone doesn’t even have to drink coffee to enjoy one of these cups. It can be filled with any hot or cold beverage and makes a great gift. Look for the plastic travel mugs that allow you to insert your own design inside. Here is one resource.

Framed Photo – You can make your own frame, purchase one and customize it, or simply buy one already made. Pick a photograph that shows the father in his element. These are quick and easy gifts and customizing them to fit the dad, is one way to ensure he’ll love it.

Remember that sometimes the best loved gifts, and the ones that mean the most are those that are made with love with your children’s hands. From key chains to magnets, books and everything else in between, you will be able to find the perfect gift for that special man.

Do you have any creative gift ideas for the dad in your life?

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