Father’s Day Ideas

Father’s Day Ideas

Looking for a way to brighten dad’s face on Father’s Day? How about using some of your scrapbooking supplies to create a meaning keepsake for dad.

Here are a few Father’s Day ideas to get you started:

Alter a picture frame. Take a candid shot of the important kids in dad’s life and place it in a picture frame that you have altered. You could use patterned paper that match dad’s or the kid’s interests. You could even have one of the kids write a message such as “We Love You” as part of the picture frame design.

Make a card. Use scrapbooking paper to create a card for dad. Better yet, let the kids create a card for their dad. Kids usually love art and will love making a personal gift for their dad.

Decorate wrapping paper. Looking for a fun way to wrap a present for dad? How about using tissue paper and some stamps to create custom wrapping paper. This is an easy project the kids would love. You could also have the kid’s trace their hands onto the paper for an added personal touch.

Create a mini album. This can be a really easy and simple project. I would keep this album to 20 pages in length in either a 6 x 6 or 8 x 8 album. Two of the pages are the title page and closing page, leaving 18 pages, or 9 two-page layouts for the album. Choose some of your favorite pictures of dad (alone or with the kids) and put one picture on one page of the two-page layout. The other page of the layout is for the journaling. Let each of the kids write (if they can) on a page of two. For younger children, you can write what they dictate to you about what they love about their dad.

Enjoy Father’s Day! Hope these ideas will help make the day more meaningful for you and dad.