Father’s Day Scrapbook Ideas

Scrapbooking utilizes photos from unforgettable moments and events in one’s life and lets that time be remembered once more on paper. A scrapbook is a sparkling idea to present to one on Father’s Day because it lets us remember dad’s importance in our lives.

Below are a number of diverse ideas you can utilize when thinking of making a scrapbook as a souvenir for Father’s Day:


Relatives and children, sports, military, gardening, motorcar or bike contests, precious instances, rewards, learning, trucks and cars, pastimes, growing up, and music, all make decent Dad’s Day scrapbooking themes.


Once you settle on a theme, utilize labels, stickers, photographs, or pictures from magazines to embellish each page.

Pre-made Pages

Many craft stores sell pre-made scrapbook pages that can be added to a larger book. Simply purchase the embellished page and add your own photos to it.

Scrapbook Box

Buy an inexpensive box from the dollar store. Cut each corner of the box, so it sits level on the table. Gather the items you would like displayed in the box, such as photos and poems. Then, fold up the sides of the box and place the cover on top. Once the lid is taken away, both of the walls will show a scrapbook memory.

Scrapbook Poster

You can also display your memories in a scrapbook wall structure as an alternative to conventional book pages.

A good way to do this is to construct a scrapbook family tree utilizing photographs of people in the family including grandparents, parents and grandchildren. You can decorate the tree with calligraphy, 3D stickers, pressed flowers or other personal items, then frame it.

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