Favorite Find: Pajama Eaters

My husband used to tell the kids to put their pajamas under their pillow in the morning. It was an attempt to avoid the kids from not being able to find pajamas at bedtime. Still bedtime would come and one of more of the kids would claim they could not find their pajamas. My husband would robotically respond with the same old speech about if the pajamas were under your pillow you would know where they were. Many times the response back was a wide eyed insistent “I did put my pajamas under my pillow.” My husband would then say, “Well, did someone eat them?” Now, my kids can respond with a resounding YES and know exactly where their pajamas are!

Meet Pajama Eaters! Pajama Eaters eat pajamas for breakfast. But don’t worry your child can easily retrieve them just in time for bed. Every morning your child unzips the Pajama Eater’s mouth and stuffs in her pajamas. The Pajama Eater will sit comfortably on your child’s bed until it is time to go to sleep. At bedtime you child simply unzips the mouth and takes out her pajamas. Then your child and her favorite Pajama Eater will cuddle for a good night’s rest.

You can add a Pajama Eater to your family by visiting Nom Nom Cookies on Esty. The shop is run by Jessica Carter, a very sweet lady with the cutest Pajama Eaters you can find. She can embroider your child’s name on the Pajama Eater as well. The quality is impeccable and can withstand the love of a child.

She does have a warranty:

*I guarantee all my seams, so should one unexpectedly come loose because of fraying, ship it back to me and I will repair or replace it at my discretion.

*If the PJ Eater gets ripped or torn or otherwise damaged, my warranty doesn’t cover this, however, send it back to me, plus 5$ to cover return shipping, and I will attempt to fix it for you.

She also recommends that you wash your Pajama Eater in a pillow case and wash on the gentle cycle, on cold or warm.

You will not be disappointed with the quality, fun and practicality you will get from this product. My girls love their Pajama Eaters so much I could not tell you about it fast enough.