Favorite Scents for the Home

Do you prefer the crisp scent of fresh linen or the intoxicating fragrance of lavender? Maybe you like berry, rain, potpourri, or vanilla. No matter which fragrance you prefer you can find plenty of choices when it comes to home air fresheners.

In most spaces, I prefer clean, crisp, “soap and water” scents to the fruit and floral selections, although I do like some versions of citrus. Citrus scents work great in the kitchen, and they give me a little pick-me-up. To me, the scent of citrus makes it feel like summer any time of year. Maybe it reminds me of buying fresh oranges in Florida.

Most of us choose a fragrance simply because it appeals to us, or triggers comforting feelings. The fragrance of apples and cinnamon, or scents that reproduce the aroma of fresh baked goods, are almost as good as tasting comfort foods.


Still, there are certain scents that work best for particular odors. As noted citrus scents, including orange and lemon as well as other fruit inspired scents, work great for cooking and other kitchen odors, such as near the garbage can.

For areas like the laundry room that contain dirty clothes, and areas like the home gym that also contain body odor, the best scents are musk, powder, or fresh scents. When it comes to damp, dank, musty odors, the fresh scents are also the best choices. Fresh is the opposite of that “wet dirt” smell, so fragrances with words like rain, breeze, or ocean in their names tend to neutralize these odors better.

Pine and other fragrances with a strong disinfectant scent are best for bathroom odors, while floral, potpourri, and spicy scents work well to rid the home of stale odors, such as cigarette or cigar smoke and pet odors. These also freshen stale air on occasions when the house has been closed up for a period of time, such as when you have been out of town for a few days.


While certain scents do neutralize specific odors better than others do, it’s fine to choose air fresheners by preference, because they do offer the benefit or aroma therapy besides freshening the home. Some scents can literally elevate the mood and produce feelings of well being, so choose fragrances that you enjoy and that make you feel good.