Favorite Sources for Frugal Holiday Gifts (They aren’t thrift stores)

gift  Have you started thinking about getting those holiday gifts? A friend of mine is already finished with her gift shopping. Ugh. I am just not that organized, although I have the best intentions. When shopping for holiday gifts, it is important to shop smart. This way, you can make your money stretch well, and you won’t be faced with high credit card bills in January.

Here are some of my favorite places to pick up holiday gifts.

Five Below

This retail store has a mix of items, many of which make great gifts. For example, I usually find current software for kids there. Recently, I purchased Lego racing games for the PC. Board games are another great buy here. You’ll find some of the most popular games, such as Cadoo as well as the classics. Last year, there were stacks of Bionical figures, sports equipment, Christmas crafts and more. Each gift is only five dollars or less, although it will see as though you spent more.

The Library

Believe it or not, the library is a great place for new and like new books and media. Forget the library sales, although those are great, too. Instead find out where they sell extras. I have found new and sealed kids DVDs and CDs, as well as brand new popular books. The usually cost of these gifts ranges from 25 cents to three dollars.

The Disney Store

One thing that I like about the Disney Store is that all of their clothing is high quality. This includes Halloween costumes. On the day after Halloween stop by the store and see what is left. You may find some great deals on costumes that can be give for dress up play. Shoes and accessories such as princess wands are usually also on sale.

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