FDA Recalls Certain Teething Rings

The FDA recalled several teething rings made by The First Years today. Certain teething rings have been found to carry a certain bacteria, which, if the ring is punctured and the liquid is swallowed could be harmful to your baby. It is important to check the following list carefully to see if your teething ring has been recalled.

Those items recalled are:

* Disney Days of Hunny Soft Cool Ring Teether

* Disney Soft Cool Ring Teether, style #Y1470

* Disney Soft Cool Ring Teether, style #Y1490

* Sesame Beginnings Chill & Chew Teether, style #Y3095

* Cool Animal Teether, style #Y1473

* Floating Friend Teether, style #Y1474

According to the company’s website, if you have any of these teething rings, you must immediately stop using them for the safety of your child. You can return the teething ring in a clear plastic bag to The First Years and the will replace your teething ring and also provide you with a free gift.

The website for the company is www.thefirstyears.com/customerService/teetherrecall.asp and you can find all the information there in regards to the procedures for the recall and addresses, as well as pictures of the teething rings that have been recalled.

So, why the recall? Apparently they have found pseudomonas aeruginosa and pseudomonas putida(certain types of bacteria) that can harm your baby if the teether is punctured and the liquid is swallowed. According to The First Year’s website, no illnesses have been reported as a result of the teething rings as of yet. These bacterias are known to effect people with low immune systems and very rarely make a healthy person sick. If you have one of these teethers, stop using it, inspect it for any kind of puncture marks or draining, and to be on the safe side, let your doctor know. The chances of your healthy baby getting sick are slim, but it doesn’t hurt to get an opinion by your baby’s doctor.